Codeine 3 street price

Codeine 3 street price

Street 3 –

What is the street value of Tylenol with.
Urban Dictionary: promethazine/codeine
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its usually sold 5 or 10 dollars a mililiter depending on the availability of the drug on your streets stuff like this is usually up to the dealer and who is buying it
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Honestly, Tylenol 3 are only worth what you pay for the prescription (which im sure Tylenol 3 are a mild pain reliever and not a drug of choice on the streets

Codeine 3 street price

Too Easy – 2 Chainz [Codeine Cowboy].

Street price liquid codeine – The Q&A.

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30.12.2009 · Best Answer: $3.00 each Who would even want to buy those they are the weakest besides codeine. I would say maybe a dollar, dollar fifty at the most
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  • What is the street value of Tylenol with.
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    Tylenol with Codeine #3 Price

    What is the going street price of Vicodin.
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